Performance & Functionality

Trinseo’s sixty-plus years of experience in providing high-quality materials puts us in the best position to help professional footwear manufacturers fulfill stringent performance requirements and material standards – standards that are essential to satisfy even the most rigorous demands and regulations for different workplaces all over the globe. Trinseo’s unique spectrum of products meets customer requirements for softness and robustness, whether through improved thermo-abrasion resistance as compared to vulcanized rubbers (TPUs) or protection against electrostatic discharge (TPEs). 

New Markets, New Possibilities

New safety standards in developing markets, increased investment in civic infrastructure and in the oil & gas industry have brought considerable new opportunities for the footwear market in general and Trinseo in particular. We are ready to fulfill these standards and are looking forward to developing new solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.
OUTSOLE Solution

Safe Doesn’t Have to Mean Heavy

Our new lightweight APILON™ 52 LIGHT TPU provides an outstanding combination of performance and lightness. The material is especially suitable for outsole and midsole applications thanks to its good abrasion resistance combined with a low density that guarantees comfort and performance. APILON™ 52 LIGHT is an expanded TPU that can be recycled even after foaming and expanding, contributing to its high degree of sustainability. 

Trinseo Products for Professional Footwear

APILON™ 52 ATC/B Safety shoes ESD antistatic - Oil resistance - High abrasion resistance Gloss to matt finish 65 - 75 1,2 40 - 70
APILON™ 52 A/C A/C Outsole High Mechanical Performance - Thermoabrasion Resistance Gloss finish 65 - 75 1,18 <45 (DIN 53516 @ 50±2°C)
APILON™ 52 BIO ALLOY Outsole Bio based contents - PVC free - Rubbery touch - High processability - Comfortable Matt to gloss finish 55 - 85 1,15 <200
MEGOL™ P15 Hospital clogs & working boots Antistatic - Washable - Autoclavable - High performance Matt finish 55 - 65 0,90 <220
P22 Hospital clogs & working boots ESD antistatic - Washable - Autoclavable Matt finish 55 - 75 0,92 <250
TO Working boot uppers PVC free - Rubbery touch - High processability - Low density - High comfort Matt finish 35 - 50 1,05 na
SU Working boot outsole PVC free - Rubbery touch - High processability - Low density Matt finish 50 - 75 1,05 <280
AT Footbed insole Antistatic - Washable - Autoclavable Matt finish 45 - 55 0,95 na
DP1261/5 Insole Gel touch - Low density - High comfort Gloss finish 5 - 10 0,86 na